Now the same high intensity, top of the line training, that you could only get in Thailand, is at your doorstep, In Las Vegas! It is the most complete equipped MuayThai Training Camp in Nevada.

For the committed athlete/fighter, from any fighting style, that wants to improve his or her stand up fighting skills, get ready for an up coming fight, cross train for NHB matches, or because you want to train with real Muay Thai Masters, Master Toddy's Lion's Heart Camp is the way to go! Live like a fighter, to fight like a champion! Immerse yourself into training, Thailand style. Daily competitive training, top Masters and trainers, and thai champion life style, are the perfect combination to make your dreams come true.

This special place, exclusively designed for competitive training, and world class performance Muay Thai, has the "dream team" of masters from Thailand. Each of the masters, were famous legends in their own fighting days, and now they are making history as trainers of champions!

The fly in facilities, for 'visitors' from out of town, is where different people, from different places can converge for the same passion, making Master Toddy's Lion heart camp the new Muay Thai training center of the 21st century!

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