Kickboxing v. Muay Thai
Battle of World Champions

March 23, 2002 will find some of the elite fighters of the world battling it out amidst the desert allure of Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Challengers from Australia, Canada, Thailand, and the USA will face off at the Stardust Hotel to see who will reign as the new Knockout Champion. This event will be an international slugfest as honor and prestige are put on the line.

Experienced trainers, promoters, and matchmakers have combined their skills to select extremely conditioned, talented fighters to participate in this event. Chosen for their bravery, ferocity, and elite fighting capabilities, each fighter has a unique style that will make a definite mark in Las Vegas and the fight world.

As an added incentive to pack more energy in a card already filled to capacity with action and excitement, Knockout! Promotions will be offering bonuses for :

KOs by:
Elbow : $1,000
Back kick: $1,000
Kick to the neck: $1,000
Kick to the leg: $500
Cuts by:
Reverse elbow: $2,000
Flying elbow: $700
Elbow: $500

The following challengers are prepared to risk it all in the ring for the coveted title of number one:

"Back Kicking Bruce Lee"
Manson Gibson v. Nick Kara

Reputations and bragging rights are on the line as Australia's Nick Kara meets 5-time world champion Manson Gibson. Known as the "Black Bruce Lee," Gibson has his own unique fighting style. A combination of strong, sharp moves and powerful weapons adds to Gibson's dominant ring presence. Because of his strength and ring skills he has become one of Master Toddy's favorite fighters. His last win over Changpuek Kiatsongkrit of Thailand came from a tremendous spinning back kick to the ribcage, knocking out Kiatsongkrit in the second round.

Traveling to the USA, Nick Kara brings with him the strong fighting blood of Australia. Kara is a hunter in the ring, stalking his opponents and emerging to win by knockout in most of his bouts. Kara possesses the tremendous physique of a bodybuilder, a challenge Gibson will have to overcome. With most of his knockout wins coming by way of powerful attacks to the body, will Manson Gibson and his thunderous spinning back kick be able to blast through the armor of Kara? Gibson promises to send the Australian home with a KO defeat. If not, the Aussie hunter will storm in and chase his opponent down for the kill. Count on a bone-shattering KO win from one of these powerful fighters.

"Mission: Revenge"
Alberto Ramirez v. Bryan Delisser
At 135lbs., this bout will set itself apart from the other matches with more quickness and agility coming from both fighters. In their last meeting, Ramirez was able to face off against Delisser in a convincing match. However, in round 3 he suffered an injury and could not continue. To Alberto Ramirez, this upcoming bout will be the 4th round continuation of their last meeting. Ramirez has the drive to avenge his previous loss; he cannot afford to lose this bout. Delisser, on the other hand, comes into the ring with confidence coming from his first win. He also has the advantage of weight as Ramirez must go up to 135 to exact his revenge on Delisser. Under full Muay Thai rules, this bout will determine if Ramirez's previous loss was a fluke, or if Delisser is truly the undisputed winner.

"Hunt for the Reverse Elbow KO"
Kit Cope v. Clint Hale
A lion-hearted Muay Thai fighter, Kit Cope can draw from his no-holds-barred and boxing matches to create a full arsenal of weapons. Cope can also use the momentum he has gained from January's impressive win in Bangkok, Thailand. His second round knockout over a Thai fighter has set him in motion to face a tough opponent from Canada.

Clint Hale comes to the USA from Songlith Singthong's camp, the prestigious Gold Lion Thai Boxing Gym. Hale is a strong, straightforward Muay Thai fighter. His contrasting brute force style versus Cope's adaptive fighting technique will guarantee an action-packed bout. Cope has extreme confidence coming into this fight, promising that he will be the first American to score a KO with a reverse elbow outside of Thailand. Hale has no fear of this warrior and will stand his ground, unleashing his fury to prevent Cope from achieving his goal. Although their skill level is near the same, Hale's strength rivals Cope's quick-thinking. Stamina will play an important part in determining the winner of this match-up.

"Foot Meets Face"
Angela Rivera v. Gina Leathers
Angela Rivera possesses the speed, cleverness, and power to maintain an iron grip on her position among Muay Thai's finest. However, after weeks spent training for a bout under different rules and with another opponent, Rivera will return to her Muay Thai roots. This time she will have to switch gears and prepare to face fellow American Gina Leathers in the ring. With Leathers' background in boxing, Rivera's tactics must adjust to the constant forward momentum from her opponent. Rivera will have to rely on long knee attacks and her powerful front kick to hold off Leathers' punches. With wave after wave of assaults, Rivera can swiftly slip in a crushing KO when the opportunity arises. However, Leathers has fought in kickboxing matches before, so strong kicks will also be a part of her arsenal. This bout will be an awesome war to witness as a lightning-fast kicker and a strong puncher exchange blows in the ring. Look out for impressive kicks to the face as well as pounding body punches in this fight.

"First and Last Meeting"
Melchor Menor v. Turbo
Melchor is a smart, ring-toughened executor of classic Muay Thai style. He will rush forward with a full arsenal as soon as he spots an opening. During last August's K-1 event at the Bellagio, Menor exhibited strength and confidence in his match. He came out on top with an impressive win over a worthy opponent. He is a toe-to-toe fighter, never willing to fight backwards. For his next bout, Menor must prepare for the skills of a well-trained Thai fighter.

Turbo possesses the skills to face Menor in close combat. He is a master at short punches and kicks that can quickly disable an opponent. Menor must also watch out for the Thai fighter's ability to throw his opponents off-balance and slip in a knockout kick to the head. Turbo promises to teach Melchor a lesson, claiming that after he is finished, Menor will never want to face him in the ring again. In order to defeat such a seasoned champion, Menor must train hard and wage a smart battle. Sponsoring such an action-filled bout is Sifu McInnes and the drink Brute Force. Sifu guarantees an exciting match between these two warriors.

"Heart of a Champion"
William Sriyapai v. Andrew Brown
Proving that he can stand in the ring with the best, Sriyapai has the heart and determination of a true top-class fighter. Although Sriyapai lost a well-fought match in the last K-1 event, he has learned valuable lessons that have prepared him to face anyone. With speed and agility on his side, Sriyapai also stands ready to unleash a flurry of punches and kicks to overcome his opponent.

Andrew Brown is an I.S.K.A US Champion. He is the number one fighter from the east coast who has also made a name for himself in Europe. Now, Brown wants Master Toddy and the world to know that he is a world class fighter. He plans to display his talent against Sriyapai in a battle of strength and will.

"Guns Drawn"
John Wayne Parr v. Rodtung
Australia's fighting sensation John Wayne Parr makes his US fighting debut under the bright lights of Las Vegas. After years amassing prestigious wins in Thailand and abroad he is ready to show the USA why he was the first westerner ever to grace the cover of Thailand's number one Muay Thai magazine. John Wayne has fought on the famed King's Birthday Muay Thai event four times. In front of more than 100,000 people and millions of television viewers, Parr received a jacket of honor for his achievements at the last King's Birthday event. Able to outsmart his opponents with a wide variety of weapons and combos, Parr aims to establish himself at the top of the US fight scene. He is prepared to take on the best the world has to offer as he joins forces with famed trainer Master Toddy. Currently Parr is sharpening his elbow strikes and strengthening his punches and kicks at Master Toddy's Lion Heart Training Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada.

John Wayne's opponent is focused on spoiling Parr's grand entrance into the U.S. fight scene. A very strong and technical Muay Thai fighter, Rodtung has no fear in facing such an experienced and worthy opponent. Relying on his stinging right kick, he is bent on stealing the attention away from Australia's superstar. Sponsored once again by the drink Brute Force and Sifu McInnes, the anticipation of such a battle has many fight fans eager to witness this event.

Update: With representatives from the Thai government watching, Rodtung is determined to win and defend the pride of the Thai people. He cannot afford to lose this fight or else he will have to face shame upon his return home. Rodtung has announced that he will be coming as the "Tank" armed with bullets for John Wayne Parr. Shooting back, Parr states that he has his own arsenal of weapons for Rodtung. Unfazed, Parr jokes he's been "eating bullets and gun powder" to make his first fight in America an explosive performance.

Daniel Dawson v. Jongsanan Fairtex
Another anticipated bout sponsored by Brute Force involves two of Muay Thai's fearless warriors. Australia has another talented fighter in their ranks as Daniel Dawson travels to the USA to exact revenge on Jongsanan Fairtex. Dawson has no fear in the ring, constantly walking forward with his array of short elbows and punches. Very experienced and powerful, Dawson plans on retaliating for his close split-decision loss to Fairtex. He feels that Fairtex stole the win that was rightfully his, and has spent the last 3 years picturing Fairtex as his opponent in every bout. His last win came from a vicious elbow KO, which resulted in 20 stitches for his opponent. Dawson has been waiting ages for this second chance against Fairtex.

Although Dawson is training hard for this bout, no one can overlook Fairtex's own preparations for this rematch. Fairtex knows that Dawson will never give up, so he has prepared for this match with vigorous stamina workouts. Just because he has become an instructor doesn't mean that Fairtex's fighting spirit has weakened. He has never lost a fight in the US and will be fighting in front of a large crowd of students traveling from California to cheer their instructor on. Operating the prestigious Fairtex Gym in San Francisco, Jongsanan's tremendous skill and ring presence will be a challenge to Dawson's efforts to leave the ring with a win. The spirit of these two challengers is so strong that this bout could go either way.

"Warrior's Return"
Ben Garcia v. Raul Llopis
Ben Garcia has trained with the best and has also defeated some of the best. With solid kicks and punches, Garcia can quickly rush into a powerful offensive that traps his opponents right from the start. He also relies on his powerful elbow and knee strikes to answer the fierce storm of assaults that come from every seasoned challenger he has faced. Garcia is prepared to return to the ring as a fierce warrior. As a world champion, Garcia is ready to defend his title against any fighter willing to step in the ring with him.

Raul Llopis has more experience in the ring than his opponent. Llopis is a strong fighter eager to defeat Garcia to make his name well-known to fight fans. He is prepared to utilize his strength in punches to answer Garcia's piercing elbows and knees.

"Back to Basics"
James Cook v. Aaron Dixon
James Cook has gained confidence from his impressive fight versus BM Sasiprapa. Although Sasiprapa emerged as the victor that night, many believed that Cook should have been declared the winner. Aaron Dixon, hailing across the ocean from New Zealand, is a new fighter wanting to make his name known in the USA. Cook guarantees that Dixon's star status won't grow in the US-he's going to send him back home with a loss.

"Warming it Up"
Celina Cruz v. Julie Syvannarath

The first bout of the night is certain to entertain the crowd as two talented fighters enter the ring. Cruz, a hometown fighter from Master Toddy's camp, will have her fight debut against Syvannarath, a California fighter set to make her first mark in Las Vegas. Cruz's lightning kicks and Syvannarath's quickness will set the pace for the evening's action-packed card.

Promoter Profiles:
Mr. Niwat:
A veteran matchmaker and promoter, Mr. Niwat has been promoting prestigious fight events for 40 years. One of the most popular annual Muay Thai events, the King's Birthday fights in Thailand, has been professionally organized and coordinated by Mr. Niwat for the past 10 years. As owner of Galaxy Promotions, he presents Muay Thai bouts twice a week, airing these exciting matches on live TV.

Master Toddy:
Master Toddy, a trainer of over 35 world champions, has the knowledge and expertise to find the best fighters in the world to compete in his events. His promotions over the years number at over 200 shows around Europe and in the US. Not only can he guarantee experienced fighters in the ring, Master Toddy will also train the newest sensation of challengers to face them.

Master Chan, Master Green, Master Jadet, Master Lookchang:
With all 4 being champions and veterans of Muay Thai, these Masters are adept at recognizing raw talent and pure fighting energy. Knowing when a match-up is sure to display spectacular techniques and power, they can always guarantee exciting bouts. With their infectious attitude towards a ferocious fighting spirit, any fighters training with these Masters will be ready to wage a war.