Master Toddy's Muay Thai Instructor's Course

    Live like a Thai Boxer in Las Vegas, Nevada
    Learn the most successful Muay Thai training system in the world
    Train to be a Muay Thai instructor with a world famous master

Assistant Instructor's Course: This first course is an a complete, intensive 72 hour course, taking six to twelve days to complete, bringing you well on your way to opening your own school, and training champions!

Senior Instructor's Course: This next course is the final step that teaches you everything you need to know in order to open your own school as a business, and train successful champions. This is a 40 hour intensive course that takes about five to eight days to complete.

  • Learn faster than anywhere else, saving time and money
  • Learn from experienced and world famous masters
  • Be involved in the most efficient training methods
  • Be immersed in an environment dedicated to producint the best instructors and fighters.

You will also learn how to improve your business and earn back all the money you are spending in One Month's Time!

  • Bring out the best in your business
  • Improve your personal skills (guaranteed)
  • Show you step-by-step teaching methods
  • Show you how to train safely with less injuries
  • Show you genuine Thai Techniques
  • Keep you busy all day long
  • Keep your members coming back
  • Keep your gym interesting and exciting

In addition to all of this, there are other benefits as well. You can:

  • Learn how to train fighters from beginners to world champions
  • Learn how to use all of the Muay Thai training equipment
  • Learn how to teach students using pads and bag work
  • Learn how to teach self defense by using Muay Thai
  • Learn how to stay calm by using heavy sparring sessions

Don't procrastinate
If it is your goal to teach Muay Thai then
Master Toddy's US Muay Thai is the right
Place for you to learn from.

In order to insure that all of the techniques you learn can easily be remembered, all of your lessons will be recorded on video cassettes for you to keep.

Other Benefits:

  • Increase your personal level of martial arts skills
  • Become recognized world-wide as one of Master Toddy's instructors
  • Increase your ability to present quality instruction to your students
  • Renew excitement in martial arts, and increased student enrollment