Master Green: With his strength and power, some say that Master Green was born like a rock. With his natural fighting instinct, Muay Thai combat is all he knows. It's been in his blood since he can remember. Master Green lived, breathed, and trained his entire life in a Muay Thai camp. Every time he fought, he was always the main event. The traffic in Bangkok was jam-packed each time; spectators always expected to see a war whenever Master Green was in the ring.

In his time, Master Green was a true warrior. Never afraid to face anyone, he has fought some of the greatest. One such combatant was Sagat, a famous fighter in Thailand. They were constantly at war with each other, splitting wins and drawing large crowds. A ferocious fighter, Master Green doesn't understand the concept of backing away. It became a running joke in Thailand that if he ever tried walking backwards, he would probably end up tripping over his own feet. He was always on the offensive. In his career, Master Green has had over 250 fights. Now, as an instructor, he is passing down his strength and determination to fighters of the next generation.

Known as the Green Dragon in Thailand, Master Green's specialty was to showcase a specific skill in each round. A master at adapting to his opponent, he could start off with punches, then follow in the next round with his powerful kicks. He was known to fight nonstop with his opponent, relentlessly attacking until the fighter gave up. Master Green soon became known as the King of Knees, since his wins usually came as a result of an excellent knee assault.

Adding another medal to the Champion Instructor Team, Master Green captured the gold in the sport of boxing. Shortly after winning a world Muay Thai title in France, he retired from fighting. Not wishing to leave the fighter's life entirely, Master Green returned to the famous Jockey Gym, where he had lived for so long, and became a first-rate trainer. At the camp he produced famous champion fighters, one including the King of Front Kicks, Sillapathai. This fighter once set the record for the most front kicks thrown during a fight, a total of over 100.

A valuable asset to the team at Master Toddy's U.S. Muay Thai Center, Master Green is viewed as being one of the greatest instructors. He can always be found encouraging students, pushing them to work their hardest. With his ring experience and vast knowledge of Muay Thai techniques, a student has the opportunity to learn from the best. As the King of Knees, Master Green is an expert at balancing and executing perfect attacks. Don't let Master Green grab you, or you'll never escape!