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October Training Program.
WEEK 1: The Best of the Dragon Punch
This week is full of power as Master Chan teaches 7 spectacular techniques.

WEEK 2: Roundhouse Kicků Roundhouse Kick
Brought to you by Grand Master Toddy; you will learn 6 of the greatest forms of this technique.

WEEK 3: Front Kick
Once again Grand Master Toddy will teach you breathtaking maneuvers with the front kick.

WEEK 4: King of Knee
Master Green (King of Knee) will show you how these techniques won him a World Championship Title.

November Training Program
November is a month full of excitement containing a conclusion of all the techniques learned in October. You will learn how to combine all the techniques and how to use them effectively like one of our World Champions.

Kid's Lion Team
Why not give to your kid the gift that will last a life time? The most complete and integral training now available for kids. Covers not only physical preparation, but also morally and mentally. Physically they are trained as elite world class athletes, in splited group classes accordinlly to their own levels, resulting in customized semi-privates lessons, bringing closer attention to the relationship between student-instructor.

  • this training covers high performance aspects of professional training; such as pad work, the most effective and realistic training used for world champions, looking to improve their timing, distance, power, accuracy and stamina, considered a good representation of a real fight.
  • attention - or focus training, useful not only in self defense situation but also in daily life; school, listening to the parents or authorities, and sorrounding awareness. develops and improves the child's attention span, and ultimately achieving 'the eye of the lion' power.
  • street survival techniques; to help kids deal with stress of every day life, peer pressure, school bullies, and street dangers.
  • reinforcing family, and positive social values, LION KIDS REAL WORLD TRAINING, will provide your kid with the confidence, respect and power to deal with issues in the real world.

At Master Toddy's you can also reinforce those family ties that nowadays are put to the test more than ever with Interactive Quality Training. To improve the quality time that the parents it is critical that parents spend time with their kids, knowing that Master Toddy has develop this special program. Every tuesday and thursday parents and kids will train in an interactive way, where they will go through the basics together. Now you have the chance to share quality time with your child! and also get the satisfaction of actually learning to hold pads for your rascal, bringing the pride of achieving something together and making the family ties stronger!

We are ready for the the best times! come join us, and give your kids a life time legacy!!

Muay Thai - Kickboxing
The most effective martial art, this is a great way to learn the legendary techniques that make Muay Thai so powerful. Master Toddy's schools offer safe training environments, high-paced training, easy to learn moves and energetic music, offering the best workout experience that you can find.

Thai Box Aerobics
Punches, kicks, elbows and knees. High intensity, and endless energy, just like the real deal. A cardio workout designed using real self defense moves found in Muay Thai. Mixed with high-energy music, fun, fun and more fun, you will get in the best shape of your life, without the heavy contact. You'll see the pounds melt away, and your muscles toning so fast that you will fall in love with the training...Guaranteed! Come and sculpt the body you always wanted!

Muay Thai Fighters Training
There is no better training than the fighters training. It is the most intense, professionally designed world class competition level Muay Thai training outside Thailand. The Fighter's Training is specifically intended for the competitive fighter, and includes aspects like running, jumping rope, pad work, bag work, sparring and conditioning, to reach the optimum condition for the ring.

The legendary Master Toddy is the grand master, and he is always on the floor with his fighters. Master Chan, a former world muay thai champion, and olympic medalist for the Thailand's national boxing team, has extensive experience not only as a fighter but also as a world champions trainer. Master Green, who just arrived from the competitive Thai circuit, is another former world muay thai champion. A real ring warrior, he has been training many Thai fighters to compete in the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium, the 'Mecca' of Muay Thai. Master Chan Noi (A.K.A. elephant for his power and strength) recently retired from fighting, as a WMTC champion he has the ring knowledge and the attitude to motivate the next world champion.

Personal Training
Individually customized training routines, one on one with a Muay Thai master. Private training will give you the chance to achieve your personal goals faster. If you want to get into shape, lose weight, get stronger and healthier, maybe improve those techniques, or just because it's fun and you prefer the personal treatment, personal training, Muay Thai style, is the way to go. These personal routines ca be designed to follow your own pace and adapt to your hectic schedule.