Master Toddy is the only authority of Authentic Muay Thai in the State of Nevada. With two locations in Las Vegas, and plans to open a third, he offers the best training available. His schools are run by Muay Thai masters, and former Muay Thai champions, which guarantees the highest level of instruction in Muay Thai among Master Toddy's students. With convenient schedules, and fully equipped facilities, you can easily find a program that will match your needs.

With locations on both sides of town, a location on Rainbow (and Charleston) and one on Sunset, You have access to the best Muay Thai Las Vegas has to offer. The two locations offer similar schedules, so regardless of where you live, you can attend the school closest to you, and still receive high quality authentic Muay Thai instruction.

For individual reservations call (702) 433-7000
For groups or corporate rates/reservations call ITM at (702) 251-7059

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