Special Muay Thai Course
For Fighters and Instructors

We will train you the same way that we train World Class fighters.
We guarantee to give you the best system of World Class training.


During your participation in our 4-day special course, we promise that you will learn how to:

  • Develop strong pad work through one-on-one instruction with our master
  • Conduct the special drills that are an exclusive part of original Muay Thai
  • Set up the efficiency knockout
  • Set up and organize the intensive training plan and strategies for fighters before immersing them in the actual fight

Live     Eat      Breath     and     Train      like     the     world     champions

At $495.00 per person
(Payment by check or credit card in advance only)
4 Days of Special Training on Aug 8-9-10-11, 2001
At Master Toddy's Sunset Gym, Handerson, Nevada
And on Aug 11 watch the fight of K-1

You will indeed be taught by the renowned Master Toddy himself
and also watch his instructor team; 4 top world class Master train a lion heart team.

And other special fighters are trained before attending the fight.

We guarantee you will have a positive impression
Of the power and beauty of Muay Thai both inside and out of the ring.

**Limited space**
For more information, please call: (702) 433-7000 Or visit us at: www.muaythaichampion.com, www.mastertoddy.com or send e-mail to: mttoddy@aol.com

** If you need hotel reservations, please inform us in advance. **