Roundhouse Kick
This is the trademark of Muay Thai, using the shin bone as the contact area. The roundhouse kick hits like a baseball bat, destroying the toughest defenses. It is used mainly against the legs, ribs or the neck with tremendous speed and power, giving you the highest K.O. rates in ring sports!

The piercing power of the Muay Thai fighter is a result of rigorous training refining this technique. Considered an art in itself, the knee makes Muay Thai a powerful close distance combat art, out-matching any other art. Muay Thai's knees are a feared winning technique in the ring, and a life saver outside of it.

Neck Wrestling
An essential close quarters skill in Muay Thai, this element compliments the knee techniques. Stand up wrestling makes Muay Thai a non-stop action sport. Muay Thai fighters master this skill to deliver vicious knees and elbows, making the art very effective in any fighting range. When grappling, it is important to keep the head up. Many beginners have learnt the painful lesson of not lowering your head into range of a knee strike.

Strong as a bull's horn, the elbow is one of the most effective and feared weapons in the Muay Thai arsenal. In close quarters, elbows are use like blades to the opponent's head and body, often resulting in a spectacular K.O. This technique is extremely effective in self defense situations, because it does not require much power to use.

Front Kick
The front kick is often used as a defensive technique, but it can and, in fact, is used as a precise and powerful attacking technique. Difficult to defend and very sneaky, the front kick can be used on the face or body, hitting with more force than a punch. This technique can easily fell an opponent if it is delivered with good power and precision.