Master Chan: Born in northeast Thailand, Master Chan personifies the reputation of that part of the country. Throughout the nation, that area is known as the place where only the toughest, strongest people hail from. Known for their excellent body conditioning, no doubt a result from their non-fat diet, northeast Thailand has an outstanding representative in Master Chan.

Being the middle child in a family of 6 boys, Master Chan learned to look after his younger siblings as well as defend himself from his older brothers. One of them became a Muay Thai trainer and fighter, the other, a promoter and bettor. As a fighter, Master Chan was literally a gold mine for his brothers. He toured the whole country, fighting and gaining experience until he became a first-rate competitor. Soon, Master Chan was known as a world-class champion. Demonstrating his skills out of the ring, he also worked as a firefighter shortly after graduating from college.

Coming from the Jockey Gym in Thailand, Master Chan's skills in the ring were reinforced by his cunning speed. A fast mover, he could attack with hands, follow with kicks, and suddenly strike with explosive knees. His opponents could never answer, for Master Chan always slipped away from their attacks. His quick ring movements and rapid hand attacks enabled him to win the gold medal for boxing in Thailand.

When Master Toddy first came to England, he was looking for a good instructor, someone who could help him produce top competitors. Hearing about Master Chan's speed and cleverness, he invited him to England. As his right-hand man, Master Chan helped the famous instructor train over 15 world champions. From him, fighters learned how to move in the ring and attack swiftly and effectively.

One of the most remarkable displays of Master Chan's skill and conditioning was witnessed on live television. During one of Master Toddy's promotions, a very important fight card airing live to Europe and Thailand, one of the fighters scheduled for the main event had trouble with his visa. With one fighter unable to enter the country, the main event was threatened. Master Chan, busy wrapping the hands of fighters scheduled to compete that night, was asked to fill in for the missing fighter. Accepting the challenge, Master Chan stepped into the ring and walked away with the world title, his win coming by knockout. To prove that this event was no fluke, he successfully defended his world title a few months later, again winning by knockout.

When Master Toddy moved to America, he brought Master Chan to Nevada to continue the success they had in England. One of the great pad workers, training with this instructor will surely increase a person's speed and stamina. If you think you're fit, train with Master Chan...see how truly conditioned you are!