Master Jadet: Another classic fighter, Master Jadet's greatest talent was his ability to avoid any type of attack his opponent attempted. With great footwork, he was able to dodge any weapon, swiftly answering with his own and slipping away. A very sneaky and clever fighter, Master Jadet refused to ever get hit.

Like Master Green, Master Jadet spent his life in the Jockey Gym camp. He looked up to the talented fighter, at one point being known as Master Green, Jr. However, Master Jadet fought with a style of his own. He stood out as a member of the Thai Olympic Boxing Team.

With lightning-fast quickness, Master Jadet perfected his timing in the ring. He always avoided hits but returned with a thunderous force of his own. One championship Master Jadet captured in Thailand came after he knocked out his opponent with a left roundhouse kick to the head. It's doubtful whether the other fighter ever saw his kick coming.

A unique characteristic of Master Jadet is his skill at teaching timing and quickness. A fighter training with him learns to move fast. If you're too slow, Master Jadet will vanish from your sight. You'll never hit the pads at all. After working with this instructor, you develop the greatest timing. The pads will soon become easy targets. If you want to learn how to move fast and build a quick and effective defense, train with this master. Learn to dance away from any attack, and return fast and furious.